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"wait, two years? And you STILL didn’t finish the first arc thing?!?!"

Well no, but a few days ago also marked 1 year since I rebooted the blog, so yeah, so people won’t get confused

Anyway! Wee! Two years! Ah, I still remember when this blog was one of the bad doctor whooves blogs out there that had a bad story, good times, except not really. And if I’m not mistaken, mine was the first female doctor whooves ask blog to exist. (seriously, I did my research back then, couldn’t find any other female doctor blogs)

Moving on, ever since I’ve made this blog, I’ve made friends who helped me through my rough times, and had fun with. So, I am thankful with this blog’s existence!

Now, Sorry for not updating the blog as much as I can, I’ve been busy with school and things like that. But then I also have something coming up in two posts, aaand I would need a thing to do that. You’ll see, just be patient as you’ve always been, followers! I appreciate every single one of you for sticking by, if not for you, I wouldn’t have made it this far!

So yeah, thank you for these two years, and hopefully I’ll go on for years to come! …Until the blog ends that is

Again, Thank you


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